Since 2011, we have been serving those individuals seeking the dignity of a paycheck. 100% of our clients report feeling more prepared to accept employment.

First impressions are formed within 7 seconds and it is difficult to change someone's first image of you. Shining Success helps clients create individual style so that their "visual calling card" will be polished and memorable. 

From our clients:

" Shining Success gets you out of your comfort zone but at the same time gives you a boost of confidence."

“ Working with Shining Success made me feel more confident about myself. I tell everybody what a huge supporter I am of the program. It is amazing how you feel when you walk out. When you put on the clothes, it makes you feel empowered and professional.”

“A lot has changed since my consultation with Shining Success. I have more self confidence and feel more positive about my journey. I feel more empowered… like I DO deserve that job."